At the OTD exhibition, there is a large dedicated area for students. The OTD students committee has a solid plan in place to attract the youth to both the industry and their student stand itself.

– We want to give the students a voice and make it easy for them to meet people in the industry, says Hege Nilssen.

Exciting program

Hege is the leader of the OTD student committee – an official part of OTD and represented by and for students studying the petroleum industry. Along with ten other petroleum students, Nilssen has tailored a program to inform and promote the importance of the Norwegian oil and gas industry when OTD takes place at Stavanger Forum on Wednesday 16th & Thursday 17th October. Jonas Gahr Støre, leader of Arbeiderpartiet (The Labour Party), will give a presentation on how important the petroleum industry is to Norway. And for the second time at OTD in Stavanger, head hunter Per Andre Marum will be holding a free seminar called ‘Networking 4 Success’, which he will provide tips on how to effectively network and conduct yourself in job interviews to land that job or further your career.

– OTD students will provide insight and the opportunity to ask questions and build networks, says Deputy leader Winusan Wijayaseelan.

– Need the industry

With an exciting program in place, the students are now working hard to promote OTD students and attract student visitors. They do so through stands at the University of Stavanger, competitions, and visibility on social media. According to Wijayaseelan, he is very optimistic. Both in terms of OTD students, but also for the future of the Norwegian oil and gas industry.

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– I notice an increasing positivity, especially among those I study with. There will be jobs as long as we live. It is up to us as students to adapt and acquire the skills needed in the labor market. I look forward to contributing to major changes in the future, says the deputy leader and gets support from Nilssen:

– Things are going in the right direction. It looks brighter than it has been in a long time, and I hope the companies use this opportunity to inform and talk to current, future and potential petroleum students at OTD, concludes Nilssen.

Here is the OTD Students 2019 program:

Dag 1 på OTD-students

Dag 2 på OTD-students