Ventistål has been targeting the offshore industry for years. The company sees several exciting opportunities in the times to come.


– HVAC and technical insulation is an important area for us. In recent years we have seen a huge increase in sales here and have recently recruited new employees with good competence within this area, says Tom Gjesteland, sales engineer at Ventistål.


Positive direction

Construction has traditionally been the main business area for Ventistål. In recent years, however, the ventilation wholesaler has focused on the oil and gas industry to an even greater scale than before. The company is now seeing the results of this with their delivery to Johan Sverdrup Phase 1 –  among other things.


– We are getting more and more inquiries and are seeing good opportunities to come in with our products both for upgrading- and new building projects, explains Gjesteland.


He and his colleagues at Ventistål feel that the positivity is on it´s way back to the market.


– Many suppliers want sales after a few heavy years. We notice this at the price level, but we certainly feel that the market is going in a positive direction.


Huge expectations

17th – 18th October, Ventistål comes to Sotra to take part at this year’s Offshore Technology Days (OTD). They participate at Norway’s largest annual oil exhibition to show both their products and their “new” business area to the offshore industry.


– We have participated at several exhibitions, but as a supplier, you do not always get that much out of the participation. Therefore, our expectations of OTD are huge. We look forward to meet other exhibitors, finding new products and networking, says Gjesteland.


Meet Ventistål at stand 1130 in hall B during Offshore Technology days!