VisioNova makes sure that their customers save money. Now they are coming to OTD2018, taking place on 17th & 18th October at Sotra Arena just outside Bergen, to tell you how.

Digitization is one of the biggest buzzwords today. Not only in the oil and gas industry, but all over. The potential is enormous and it’s complex to both work with and understand. Ellinor Meling, CEO of VisioNova, has experienced this ever since she and her colleague Asbjørn Mangerud started the company back in 2012.



Looking for relevant information can take time when you have several systems to use. It is also not cheap when all this information is transferred from those who build and modify the facilities, to those who will operate and maintain them. This is where VisioNova comes in. They manage and make available up-to-date technical information about all types of industrial plants. Life Cycle Information (LCI) makes it easier to make the right choices at the right time throughout the project’s lifespan – from start to finish. It is both more efficient, cost-effective and leads to better HSE, but that helps little when customers do not fully understand how to use it or what digitalization has to say for the different companies.

– The systems underlying today are far too bad. There are too many integrations and complex systems. When we had training in the document system we had installed for a customer, we spent most of our time teaching engineers how to log in to the machine and the system.


Flying start

Meling and Mangerud met each other at work for Statoil back in 2006. They worked with technical information usage. The potential for digitization is and was huge, and on June 1st, 2012 they chose to establish VisioNova. Just a few days later, they had scheduled a meeting with Det Norske. The meeting, which was supposed to last two hours, resulted in Meling and Mangerud being hired on a weekly basis in 2017 with responsibility for the flow and handling of information at Ivar Aasen.

– We chopped the elephant into small pieces and focused on year 2035 – others thought it was enough to think about June 2013. It was a demanding job where we got no leaches and enjoyed great confidence and eventually we got our first employee.

At that time, the two entrepreneurs were hired consultants and did not have their own office space. Before this first appointment, work interviews were held at restaurants in Trondheim, but much has happened since then. VisioNova now has offices in Bergen, Trondheim and Stavanger. The number of employees has increased from two to 13. The common denominator is expertise and extensive experience in both the oil and IT industry.

– The gender distribution in the company is 50/50 women and men. We are also international with employees from India, Iran, Poland and many Norwegians. We see it as an advantage when we eventually are going internationally, says Meling.


Win or lose

Some oil companies avoid hiring VisioNova. We’re just a little too small, Meling says. But that has not stopped the company, which now has several major projects and customers. During the last month, they have also entered an agreement with Okea. VisioNova will help lift data from Draugen and Shell to Okea. It may turn out to be an important project for Meling and Mangerud.

– They are going to use our systems. This is a huge project that can be win-or-disappear for us.

Not only that, VisioNova has also brought Innovation Norway to the team with their new “Valid system” – a new solution for handling technical information. The completed solution will cover all needs in tag, equipment and document management, including sharing of information with involved parties.

– It is extremely positive to be approved by Innovation Norway. It shows that someone has faith in what we are doing. Now we have a real customer in Okea, while working on our innovation project.


Digitization + efficiency

Until now, the company has mostly worked with oil and gas companies, but now VisioNova wants to step up in new industries and countries. To achieve this, visibility is important. October 16th – 18th, Offshore Technology Days (OTD) will be held at Sotra Arena just outside Bergen. Several companies have already announced their arrival, and VisioNova is no exception. They are sponsoring the exhibition and will hold an exciting lecture on how digitization and efficiency are linked on Thursday, October 18th.

– We look forward to getting in touch with existing and new customers. Visibility creates business. Several of the suppliers and contractors who produce the information we handle for the oil companies are present at the exhibition. It is important to have a dialogue with these. Then we can deliver our services even better. OTD is a good venue for new contacts, building networks and gaining knowledge about the market.

Neither Meling nor Mangerud want to reveal too much of what they are going to talk about during their lecture, but the two entrepreneurs gives a little hint.

– The industry is incredibly good, but within our area, it is often lacking competent people. We want to tell what we can add and deliver to the different companies, but also take address the challenges the suppliers experience. We are really looking forward.