After three challenging years, things have now finally turned for BEKAS.

  • In 2017 we achieved slight growth and our results came in on the plus side again. For 2018, we have had a very good year thus At the end of May, we were about 37 percent ahead of last year’s revenue, says Tor Solheim, general manager of Bergen Elektrokompetanse (BEKAS).

High activity

There have been difficult times in the oil and gas industry, and this was no exception for BEKAS. After a few years with less sales and downsizing, the company can now look back on a very good trading period this year, particularly throughout the spring.

  • We have framework agreements in place with several drilling and supplier companies. This means we will get a wide range of activity with a lot of work on reactivation of rigs, upgrades of equipment and investments in older producing installations and equipment, informs Solheim.

According to the general manager, it is no surprize that BEKAS are now experienced better times. They have used the past few years to optimize their business and position themselves to ensure they are ready to capitalise on the better times they are currently experiencing and that lay ahead.


– Our main marketing channel

Solheim and his colleagues have a plan for how their success will continue. For several years they have been a regular feature at Offshore Technology Days (OTD), and now for the first time, they will also be an active sponsor for the exhibition as they recognize the value they achieve from the event.


  • We will show new and existing customers that we are stronger than ever. With our exhibition stand at OTD, we wish to mark ourselves as a rallying point for the industry, where we will be showcasing our services and products and take advantage of all the networking opportunities that OTD has to offer We welcome people  to come and visit us at stand number 2300.

OTD, which will be held October 17th – 18th at Sotra, and will be  BEKAS’s most important marketing channel this year. They have been to other exhibitions and conferences, but feel that several of these are too “high-flying” and hard to get business done. They feel this is not the case with OTD, Norway’s largest annual oil exhibition – on the contrary.


  • BEKAS works closely with buyers, engineers and technical departments. We meet these departments at OTD. The organizers make it possible for us to succeed and do business.


Solheim says that their customers are keen to have suppliers who can also be a  competent partner.


  • There is increased and continued focus on costs, and customers will get better returns from choosing quality suppliers with expertise. We find that customers are more concerned with this than before, and this makes OTD an important arena for us. We are looking forward to a great event.