Offshore Technology Days is approaching. Apply are looking forward to meeting suppliers at Contractors Market.

  • In order to deliver the best services and solutions to our customers, we also depend upon having the best suppliers, subcontractors and their services,” says Cecilie Drange, Vice President Business Development at Apply Sørco.

– Great opportunity

17th & 18th of October, Norway’s largest annual oil exhibition, Offshore Technology Days (OTD), will take place for the 20th time at Sotra just outside Bergen. In addition to last year’s success “Operators Corner”, this year Offshore Media Group are launching a concept called Contractors Market.  Here exhibitors will be able to book one-to-one meetings with participating contractors. This is something that Drange at Apply Sørco looks forward to.

  • There are so many good alternatives in today’s market and Contractors Market will gather many relevant suppliers at one place and this represents a great opportunity for us to meet with them.

Drange says that personnel from all three Applycompanies will be represented at the exhibition.

  • We hope to meet suppliers with services and with a need that we have identified beforehand and also companies that come with solutions that we have not thought about.

Important meeting place

Most of the customer dialogue today is via email and phone, and on a busy day it can be challenging to sit down and work systematically through this. Therefore, Drange thinks it is a very good idea that the organizers make it possible and easy to meet with relevant suppliers face-to-face at OTD.

  • Operators want contracts that contain much more than they do today. They want more from their main suppliers, this means that companies like us become the main customer for smaller suppliers.

– That’s why we will be represented with a wide range of people from across the Apply group. We hope and intend to achieve a  lot over a couple of intense but productive days at OTD2018, explains Drange.

And she encourages the various suppliers that could be of interest to do their research about Apply and the other contractors before meeting them at Contractors Market.

– They must be well prepared and understand how their products and services may be relevant to us.


This is how you do it

  1. To request a meeting with an operator and/or contractor, you must be exhibiting at OTD2018
  2. Registration to request meetings will open in the middle of September 2018
  3. Registration to request meetings closes September 28th 2018
  4. Each exhibiting company can request operators and/or contractors for meetings

– One person may request up to five meetings in total with an operator and/or contractor

– One company can have more people requesting up to five meetings in total with an operator and/or contractor.

5. Operators and contractors are free to accept or decline meetings

6. When the meeting is accepted the booking is registered in the calendar for both the operator and the contractor. Both parties will receive a confirmation of when the meeting is set.

7. The meetings will last 15 minutes with a five-minute break between each meeting.