Bring has been an important partner for Offshore Technology Days for over ten years. It is not without reason that they are a part of the team also this year.

  • Historically, this is an arena we have spent both time and resources on, but at the same time it is an important venue that suits us as a company, says Frank Soltvedt, Sales Manager at Bring.

Pays off

Norway’s largest annual oil exhibition, Offshore Technology Days (OTD), is approaching. On October 17th & 18th, the exhibition doors open at Sotra Arena, just outside Bergen. Soltvedt and his colleagues at Bring have been present for over a decade, and this year’s OTD is no exception.

  • At OTD we always meet a large number of our customer base. We use the exhibition to show who we are and what we stand for, but also to demonstrate how flexible we are. The networking opportunities that OTD offers, is one of the things that pays off the most for the industry we are in, says Soltvedt.


Having engaged sponsors on the OTD team is vital for continued development of the exhibition and ensuring the best event as possible. Therefore, Odd Eide Knudsen, Sales Director at Offshore Media Group, is delighted to have Bring as a sponsor again this year.

  • It’s very rewarding as an organizer that our customers are satisfied. It shows that the marketing around OTD works. At the same time, we do our best to ensure that our exhibitors, partners and sponsors get great value for their money. Therefore, they  use our channels, networking events and conferences to reach as many relevant business contacts as possible, says Knudsen.

Soltvedt at Bring looks forward to show what the company has to offer to both existing and new customers at OTD in October.

  • It is important to show customers the breadth of products and services we provide and the flexible approach we are able to offer. We can deliver everything from special transport to logistic services. We look forward to showcasing what we can offer, Soltvedt concludes.